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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hi All

I haven't been around much lately. I've been sick. Currently, the neurologists are trying to determine if I have ALS--Lou Gehrig's disease for those that don't know what ALS is.

The purpose of my post isn't about my possible diagnosis, though. This post is about a radio show by Walton and Johnson. They are syndicated radio celebs, apparently.

Check this out: and listen to their comments about Stephen Hawking. Hawking has suffered with this terminal illness for nearly 40 years. At this time, he uses a motorized wheelchair and a computer to speak for him--as ALS robs one of the use of all voluntary muscles--including the tongue.

These guys called him a "corpse" and a "Piece of meat" Think it might have actually been 'nearly dead piece of meat'. It's true--Hawking looks VERY bad. He's got a terminal condition--of course he looks bad.

If freedom of speech has gone so far as to make it profitable to make fun of someone in this physical condition--it's just sad.

While I don't agree with Hawking's views on religion--at all--I don't think that gives these radio guys the right to make fun of the accommodations he needs just to exist.

Please go to their website and join in the boycott of this type of behavior. There has, obviously, been an outcry from those with the disease and those caring for them.

Their facebook page deleted all comments by those with ALS--and stated something snarky like "it's a particular groups awareness month so we had to clean up" to excuse their removal of the complaints regarding their aired brodcast. The show aird on 5/16.