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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blog Hop with Prizes and Review of Enslaved by Renee Murphy

 I was asked to participate in a Blog Hop.  The info below for prizes is where to go to see more information. Below is my review of the book the Blog Hop is promoting, ENSLAVED by Renee Murphy.

Thank you for joining our blog hop! Don't forget, it goes all week long. For each day’s blog, you can check Just Ink Press's Facebook page here: All commenters on the page will be entered into a GRAND PRIZE drawing at the end of the week and the more you share (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.), the more chances you have to win copies of FOUR eBooks: The Dracove by NL Gervasio, Gods & Vampyres by NL Gervasio, Nemesis by NL Gervasio, and of course, Enslaved by R.C. Murphy—a $20.46 value. So be sure to say hi, drop the links to your shares on our page, and let all of your friends know!

Also, we have linked to your blogs from here: and will of course be posting to FB and twitter on appropriate days :)

In Enslaved--we meet Shayla and Deryck.  Deryck has been an incubus for 3,000 years. He's tired of it--and tired of having to fulfill the sexual fantasies of women worldwide.

Shayla has secrets and mysteries. She's closed herself off from nearly everyone--seemingly only really having two friends.  We learn bits and pieces via her dreams and some of the discussions she has with her friend, Faye.  Apparently, calling her ex a bastard is too nice a word.  But, we don't know the full extent....and man, does she have reason for her low self-esteem.

I found I did get a little irritated with her. She seems to have no sense of herself having any good qualities at all. I kept wanting to smack her and tell her to get over it, to be honest.  Still, I found myself drawn in and wanting to know what happened to turn her so against men--and why she'd closed herself off from the world.

I felt bad for Deryck as well. He was a very likable character from the first. It was obvious he had heart and compassion. It seemed he didn't have many friends either--despite his very long existence.

Deryck has one chance to free himself from the bondage as an Incubus. Only one--and it's Shayla.  The Powers That Be have shown him glimpses of Shayla--though he doesn't at first know why he's been given these forays into the mortal realm--as they are never allowed there.

In Murphy's mythology, the Incubus are children of a god and a mortal. They are conceived and taken to another realm to be raised and trained--the mother none the wiser--and all children of gods with various abilities.

The problem is that Deryck isn't the only one that knows Shayla can free a Incubus--and there is danger lurking in the shadows for Shayla. Just when she finally decides to enter the world again....Can she survive? Does she have the will to do what is necessary?

My only real problems with the story, to be honest, was the time spent on building the world and characterization. I felt the author did a great job explaining and showing their motivations--but I'd have liked to have seen more of Shayla and Deryck together than there was. 

All in all, I'd still give this a solid 4 stars. I'd love to know if there are more books planned.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great YA Author

Hey All

I normally promote my stuff--contests and what-not.  This time, I want to promote a great YA author, Lanie Jordan. She has several awesome books out right now--as I beta-read for her, I can't review them....but man, can I ever recommend them!

First she has her Breed Chronicles series. She just released the second book last week.  An awesome reviewer, The Book Tart did an interview with a character skit..and it is just great. A reading from the book and a review. I'd kill for a review by her!  Here they are in this order: skit, review and reading.

The Breed Chronicles books one and two detail the new life of Jade Hall--a teen that has lost too much at the hands of demons. In Breed Of Innocence, book one, she is recruited to the CGE--a group that trains those selected to be demon hunters. Book two, Breed of Envy, focuses on her second year as a member of the GGE

You can find these awesome books at your favorite e-book retailer, but here are the Amazon Links:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tag, You're It! Let's Play the 7/7/7 Game...


I was tagged by Catherine Green to play.  It's pretty simple to do. You go to page 7, 77 or page 177 in your book or manuscript and post 7 lines from one of those pages...then you tag 7 other authors.

Kind of a neat idea. Thought I'd give it a go!

This is from my upcoming "DREAM LOVER" that I plan to have out by mid-March.

Her skin was electrified. Every touch of his hot mouth on her made her shudder. The not-quite-gentle nips of his teeth on her neck made her arch her neck. She had time to wonder how he could know exactly how and where to touch, to kiss, to give her the most pleasure. She moved her hands from his head to his strong shoulders, feeling the muscles move as his he caressed her. “Oh God, please,” she whimpered.
             David lifted his head, a knowing smile on his lips. “Tell me,” he ordered huskily. 

Now, I'm off to tag 7  authors...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Website and More New Stuff

Hey All

Have been sick, so haven't been around much at all for a month or so.

Like a silly girl, I forgot renew my website domain--and now they want almost 3k for it. Um...not happening, so my new website is

It's not 100% yet, but at least I have my site back.  Mel at ninjaMel Designs did an awesome job on it. She's an excellent website designer. Of course she does all my book covers, too. You can find her at

Let's see...other news...I'm participating in The Romance Reviews Anniversary Party all of March.  There will be hundreds of authors and hundreds of chances to win books--mine and those of other authors. 

A little tip...there might be a question about one of my books, Once Forbidden.  Here's the blurb and the hint...


When Sarah is disfigured by a fire saving the life of a child,
Devlin knows she has valor.

When he goes to her through shared dreams,
he knows he has to have her.

When she's stalked by Vampire Hunters,
he knows he'll do anything to save  her...

Even if it is Forbidden
That'll answer the game questions :) It should be fun.

This is book one in THE HUNTED Series. Book two, ONCE BITTEN will be released later in July. ONCE FORBIDDEN contains spanking