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Friday, December 18, 2015

Valentine's Pets and Kisses! (Only 99 cents on pre-order)

Available for Pre-order now!

Release date February 2nd.


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Candy and canines. Flowers and felines. Celebrate this Valentine's Day with your sweethearts of the human and fuzzy varieties! Nothing is more heart-warming than kisses from the pet who adores you and the man who loves you, so snuggle up with VALENTINE PETS & KISSES — an anthology of fourteen sweet romances from USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors — and strike the perfect mood for moonlit walks and candlelight dinners with your pet and sweetheart.
Valentine Hound Dog — Rachelle Ayala A fashion designer and her basset hound puppy convince a burned ex-firefighter that beauty is never skin deep and neither is love. The Crazy Girl’s Handbook — DelSheree Gladden Watching her nephews was supposed to be a fun and relaxing weekend for Greenly, not a never ending disaster all witnessed by the best blind date she ever stood up. The Vet’s Valentine Gift — J.L. Campbell A veterinarian is caught between his job, an ex, a menagerie and love. Can a little Cupid fix things by Valentine’s Day? Her Perfect Catch — K.L. Brady Years of faithful dog-sitting pays sweet dividends when a struggling sports writer scores tickets to the Super Bowl and encounters her favorite football player.
Inflamed — Jade Kerrion A firefighter running from his past convinces a hard-luck single mother to believe in happy endings. Remember When — Hope Welsh Laura and Brent really tried to make their marriage work, but in the end, it just wasn't meant to be—or was it? Your Biggest Fan? — Sydney Aaliyah Michelle Snowed in with the man of her dreams, a football fan and her dog find love. The Feline Fix — Caroline Bell Foster A scientist questions her cat’s loyalty when it comes to love and a hunky policeman.
Trembling Hearts — Suzette Riddick A daring young woman crashes into the life of a disfigured recluse and his pooch. Can love be far behind? Valentino, Be Mine — Tina D.C. Hayes Sparks fly when two people who can’t stand each other wind up dog-sitting a rambunctious little Yorkie that needs a new home. Lost and Found — Jeanne Bannon Stuck with her ex’s puppy, a high school English teacher meets a new man but will a series of unfortunate events keep them apart? Surviving San Francisco — Susan Oloier A small town girl survives San Francisco after she hits a cat and falls for a handsome veterinarian.
19 Ivy Lane — Aubrey Wynne A mysterious woman and her cat befriend a postman and set tongues wagging on Ivy Lane. But when he delivers a long-awaited letter, will his heart be “returned to sender?” Three Plus Three — Cindy Flores Martinez A grieving widow and her beloved doggie meet a handsome widower the day before Valentine’s Day. 

Purchase Links: Kindle US  Kindle UK  Kobo  Google Play  Apple iBooks

Reviews: Goodreads

Pre-order special! Email with your pre-order receipt and get a FREE copy of my Christmas Story Anthology, A Little Christmas Magic: The Box (complete with two other free bonus short-stories) right away! Don't delay, this deal only good for a limited time! (Or choose a copy of Remember When, my contribution to this anthology, instead) Contact Hope here:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Woodland Creek Series!

Woodland Creek's all the details on each book :) Be sure to grab your copy. My contribution is Storm Watch. Each story is a stand-alone shifter/wizard book! No cliffhangers here, folks! Rafflecopter Link: Website Link: Woodland Creek Series + Buy Links GARGOYLE BY SCARLETT DAWN “Being stone-hard has never been this sexy and wicked.” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: UNBOUND BY ELLE THORNE “Secrets don’t always set you free.” Amazon: PHOENIX REBORN BY CARINA WILDER “Ashling just wanted to be a normal woman, until the very unusual Hawke Turner soared back into her life.” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: DRAGON’S WEB BY LIA DAVIS “One sexy dragon, two strong-willed females, a family scandal, murder, and a love that requires plenty of ice.” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: THE SCARLETT LEGACY BY K.N. LEE “All Evie wanted was to escape her family’s secret…and then Avalon walked into town.” Amazon: BROKEN WINGS BY MINDY LARSON “Love. Secrets and lies make for a thrilling ride in Broken Wings.” Amazon: CROW’S CAW AT NIGHTMOON CREEK BY CALINDA B “All she can think about is his naked body in the woods last night…and how he murdered her best friend.” Amazon: BEAR WITH ME BY NICOLE BLANCHARD “Danger mounts and secrets are revealed as Declan and Sully decide if risking their hearts is a price too high to bear.” Amazon: THE GOOD GIRL’S GUIDE TO BEING A DEMON BY APRIL AASHEIM “What’s a nice girl to do when she starts growing horns, and a hunger?” Amazon: MOONLIT FEATHERS BY SARAH MAKELA “After faced with crippling loss, a heartbroken raven must find her wings again…” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: Play: RUNNING FREE BY K WEBSTER “Can Frankie prove her innocence with a sexy detective hot on her trail?” Amazon: DREAM CATCHER BY M.C. CERNY “Happenstance brought Kerri Harper to Woodland Creek, but will she stay for the wolf intent on mending her broken heart?” Amazon: TREAGAR’S REDEMPTION BY ISOBELLE CATE “It was innate in Marcus to avenge his parents’ death; it was agony to sacrifice the love he found.” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: TRAJECTORY BY EMILY WALKER “Taking flight in front of your dream guy is problematic but it gets worse when someone is trying to kill you.” Amazon: THE BEAST WITHIN BY RACHEL M RAITHBY “Passion ignites, and pasts collide, when the beast comes out to play.” Amazon: SINFUL INSTINCTS BY J.D. HOLLYFIELD “She was his temptation, and he was her ultimate Sin.” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: DEARBORN BY JENNI MOEN “I craved normalcy, to fall in love with someone untouched by the magic of Woodland Creek, but not as much as I craved him.” Amazon: ZENKO BY J. ROSE ALEXANDER “Blaze Riordan must find Melody Hastings before Halloween–and only a little red fox can help him do it.” Amazon: MINA’S REVENGE BY J.M. WITT “Her powers are changing and they’re more than the bloodline inheritance from her mother.” Amazon: THE VIKING’S CURSE BY XANDRA JAMES “He was supposed to keep me alive after I was marked for death, but hiring the meanest Viking shifter in town might just kill me.” Amazon: SIBILANCE BY ARIA KANE “This sexy trickster won’t let Sophia Samson slither out of his life so easily.” Amazon: Nook: iBooks: HOUNDED BY TASHA BLACK “This dog is about to have his day.” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: Play: SOLIDIFY BY ALEXIA PURDY “Being a hero is overrated for this brazen loner, until one woman ignites his world.” Amazon: BITE ME BY MANDY ROSKO “She always did have a sassy mouth… Just his type…” Amazon: STORM WATCH BY HOPE WELSH “Saving her from the storm is only the beginning.” Amazon: WICKED JACKAL BY CHERIE MARKS “The freedom to choose her fate is all she wants, but can she resist the draw of one wicked jackal?” Amazon: ONE INSATIABLE BY TIA LOUISE “One wounded panther, one restless lynx, one insatiable hunger.” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: BLIND TRUST BY RACI AMES “When Pia goes blind she must learn to trust what her heart can see, even if it means falling in love with two different shifters.” Amazon: RIDING HER UNICORN BY EVER COMING “Giddy up!” Amazon: CLAIMED BY THE TIGER BY AE GATTA “All Ellie Ashford wanted was a family…but at what cost?” Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks:

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Storm Watch (Woodland Creek Series) is LIVE!

Just released today! Storm Watch (Woodland Creek Series) Woodland Creek is a series with 30 Authors and 30 Books. Each novel is a stand-alone novel. You can visit the website here:
My contribution has a sexy ex-SEAL that discovers his whole life turned upside down when he agrees to search for a missing woman. Is there more to the story than the boyfriend claims? Storm Reynolds is on the run for her life...will Luke Steele be her salvation, or will he lead the killer right to her?
Available NOW on Amazon!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Books 5 & 6 in Karma's Witches are Out Now!

So, I know it's been a bit since I wrote a blog post. I thought I'd catch you all up on what's been happening! In July, I went to a book signing in Orlando. It was a total blast. I'm looking forward to next year! I also released three books between April and July: Getting the Edge (Betrayed Book 1) and Kamra's Coven (Witches of Karma: Rose Circle Coven Book 1) and Healing Karma (Karma's Witches Book 5)
I also have a new one releasing next month in the Karma World, Sharp as Steele
I have lots more happening this year, so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Guest Blog by Ashe Barker Talking About Her New Book!

Hi Hope and thank you for inviting me over today to share a little about my latest release, A Scandalous Arrangement.

The heroine of the story, Victoria, runs a woollen mill in Yorkshire so is used to holding her own as a woman in a man’s world. She took over the mill when her father died, but was not brought up or educated with that career in mind. She had the typical gentlewoman’s upbringing of her time – needlework, a little French perhaps, poetry, water colours. Maybe that’s why she is so insistent on offering a good education to the daughters of her workers as well as their sons. Like many philanthropic Victorians she runs a school, attached to her mill. Her pupils do well, some of them even going on to secondary education, almost unheard of among the working classes of her day. But Victoria is used to making her own rules. Until Adam Luke comes along of course. Then she has to learn to obey.

Here’s the blurb…

After a foolish wager costs her brother ownership of the weaving mill in Yorkshire which provides her income, Victoria Wynne is left with no choice but to confront the man who took the bet and seek to dissuade him from claiming his prize. Unfortunately for her, that man turns out to be Adam Luke, an experienced, ambitious entrepreneur who is intent on keeping what he won.


Upon meeting her, Adam is enchanted by Victoria’s beauty and charm as well as her nerve and self-reliance. Adam is a man of singular tastes, and when Victoria asks to manage the mill in return for a share of the profits, he offers her a bold proposal of his own. She will continue to run the mill as she has for years, but in return for a substantially larger portion of the profits she will also serve at his beck and call behind closed doors, submitting to him in any way he desires.


Wanting to earn enough money to buy back the mill as quickly as possible—and with some part of her shamefully aroused by the thought of kneeling naked at Adam’s feet—Victoria accepts his terms. But submission initially proves difficult for a woman used to running her own affairs, and soon enough she finds herself bare-bottomed over his knee for a firm lesson in obedience.


Adam’s plans for Victoria run much deeper than just an occasional spanking. She will be stripped naked, bound, and teased until she is aching for release, and then at last he will take her long and hard. As Adam continues to train her, teaching her to yield to his mastery while bringing her more pleasure than she ever thought possible, Victoria cannot help falling for him. But can a lifelong bond truly emerge from such a scandalous arrangement?


Publisher’s Note: A Scandalous Arrangement is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


And now, an excerpt from A Scandalous Arrangement. Victoria is explaining to Adam her ideas about educating working class children.

"What is that building? The one close to the gate into the mill yard?" Adam pointed to the long, single-story structure across the cobbled courtyard.

"That is our school. It was founded by my father."

"A school? Is there no educational facility available in the town then?" He admired the fine set of Victoria's jaw as he questioned her. He had enjoyed his tour of the premises and had learned as much about the woman who ran it as he had about the intricate process of weaving fine cloth. It was clear to him that she took immense pride in Wynne's Weaving Mill, and there was no inch of the building unknown to her, no worker whose name she did not have ready, at the tip of her tongue. Neither was there any aspect of their manufacturing process unfamiliar to her. She knew it all, in intimate detail.

His cock hardened on that last thought as he considered the details of her delightful form. He would learn the finer points of her body too. Soon.

Victoria smiled at him, her satisfaction apparent. "There is. An elementary school caters for children up to the age of twelve, though many leave earlier than that to take up employment. I do not employ anyone under thirteen, and then rarely. I prefer my workers to be at least fifteen years old. They are less accident prone."

"I see. So, the school...?"

"The children of my workers are offered places here, after they leave elementary school. They continue to study until they are of an age to enter my mill."

"This sounds most laudable, But expensive, surely."

"A literate, educated workforce is a profitable one. And loyal. We have fewer accidents, as I mentioned, and my machinery is well-maintained. There is less wastage, so my costs are lower. My workers appreciate the benefits of our school, they want a good education for their children, and I provide it. They know I need to make money to pay for their additional benefits so they work hard. They have a stake in Wynne's too."

"There are other benefits to working here then, apart from the school?"

"Yes. As well as the two teachers we employ, we have a doctor, a dentist, and a lawyer. They practice in the town itself, but their services are offered free to Wynne's workers and their families."

"I see. You pay these professionals a retainer, I assume."

"No. I paid for their training. The most able and gifted children in our school are encouraged not to work in the mill. Instead Wynne's will fund their secondary education, and if they continue to do well, their university studies too. Once they qualify in their chosen profession they are expected to return to Hebden Bridge and repay my investment as I have described. Talent and hard work are rewarded here, Mr Luke, and my mill thrives as a result."

"What if the beneficiaries of your largess do not choose to return here? You could not compel them, surely?"

"I accept that is a possibility, but none has ever abused the system. Our doctor is the son of one of my over-lookers, and the lawyer, Herbert Fuller, lives with his mother in one of our cottages. She is a fine seamstress. I have mechanics who have been trained as engineers, and a very promising young book keeper. All have come through my little school. We grow our own, Mr Luke."

"Adam, please. Your philanthropy is not unique, but it is unusual. And it appears to work. Your financial results speak for themselves. I applaud your vision, Victoria."

"Thank you. Is there anything else you wish to see?"

"No, I think I am satisfied. For now."

"Good. In that case, I will return to my work. I have much to finish this afternoon. Are you taking the train back to London today?"

"No, I intend to remain here overnight."

"I see. In that case would you like me to summon a carriage to take you to your hotel? You will be staying at the White Lion, I presume."

"Why would I do that when I have perfectly fine house in the vicinity? Twelve bedrooms no less?"

He enjoyed her perplexed expression almost as much as he had her outrage earlier. "But, that is my home. My family are there. My mother."

"I know that. I am looking forward to making their acquaintance."

"You said I could have the house back."

"I did, and I will be as good as my word. But for now, Wynne House belongs to me and I wish to enjoy its comforts. Shall we go?" He offered her his elbow.

"This is impossible, quite improper."

"Improper? Oh Victoria, I look forward to re-educating you as to the concept of what constitutes improper behaviour. I assure you, your parameters will shift."




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More about me:


I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. I still love reading, the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.

I tend to draw on my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.

When not writing – which is not very often these days - my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, rabbits, tortoises. And a very grumpy cockatiel.

I have twenty four (at the last count) titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have several more in the pipeline. All my books feature BDSM. I write explicit stories, always hot, but they offer far more than just sizzling sex. I like to read about complex characters, and compelling plots, so that’s what I write too. Strong, demanding Doms are a given, often paired with new submissives who have a lot to learn.

I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.

I love to hear from readers. You can find me on my blog, and on the Totally Bound site. I’m on Facebook, and twitter and now on Tsu as well. I’m on Pinterest too, and Goodreads






Monday, July 20, 2015

Indie Fest 2015 in Orlando, FL 7/31-8-2

I'm not on the list, but I'll be there, too! I signed up late.

Indie BookFest 2015 is a three-day event celebrating indie/hybrid/traditional authors and artists and their freedom of expression. Join some of your favorite authors for three days filled with a book signing, sessions, lunch, author meet and greets, an after party, and great fun!
You won’t want to miss the sessions throughout the day, where panelists will be speaking on a variety of topics relevant to readers, book lovers, and writers. Indie BookFest 2015 will be held at Caribe Royale in Orlando, Fl., on July 31, August 1, & 2, 2015
The Caribe Royale is located just 1.5 miles from the Walt Disney World® area!
Over 60 authors representing indie, hybrid and traditional publishing will be featured at this premier author and reader event.
Keynote speaker is multi-award winning author Jana Oliver.
This weekend is all about readers connecting and finding new authors to love. There are reader panels, a Fan Fare where readers can hang out with the authors, a Gothic Romance party, a gourmet luncheon, Author sponsored parties, and a book signing.
View the Schedule of Events
$75 Buys an Entire weekend pass which includes all of the parties and the luncheon Saturday!
Buy Tickets HERE
Are you a blogger? Get a blogger media pass for $50!
Help us promote the event!
It includes all of the above as well as a casual Author/ Blogger breakfast.
Book your HOTEL! We have special pricing for our event.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Book Release!!! Eternal Illusion! Check it out!

Thanks for stopping in!

The highly anticipated return of everyone's favorite island is FINALLY available for print and eBook!


Are your bags packed? You can get your ticket back to the island for only $2.99 and stay as long as you like! This sale price will only last a limited time! Don't miss out!


Want a taste?

Chapter 1
Lost in thought, Abe ran a loving hand over Ariana's swelling belly, then grinned when she stirred from sleep and blinked lazily up at him. Wrapping his mind around that – not only had she been his wife for over three months, but was also carrying his child – was too much of a dream come true, one he never wanted to wake up from.
"Good afternoon, Mrs. Cambridge. It's fifteen after one."
Nuzzling closer to him, Ariana yawned and let her eyes drift shut. "Five more minutes."
He snickered against her hair and then kissed her forehead. "Take all the time you need, baby, but I have a feeling Becky and Janie will—"
Quick and persistent tapping on the chamber door cut off his words and had him rolling his eyes in irritation.
"—knock on the door soon," he finished through a clenched jaw, his mood swiftly turning sour at the lack of private time the island's residents allowed him to have with his wife. "I can kill them, you know. Nobody will find their bodies. I swear it. Did I ever tell you that I'm a shark whisperer?"
Ariana giggled as she pushed against his body, and when he tried to grab her, she threw a pillow in his face and scrambled out of bed.
He fell back to his own pillow, defeated. "We are going on vacation. No cell phones. No knocks on the door—unless it's room service—and, best of all, no distractions."
Laughing as she opened the door, Ariana greeted her friends with a hug and took the coffee Janie held out with a sigh and a gracious smile. "I love both of you so much."
Abe huffed as he glared at them. "You just saw them yesterday. And you don't need that caffeine; it's bad for the baby."
Ariana took a long sip and winced as the heat bit her tongue. "The only thing that's bad for the baby is my blood pressure going up when his or her father fusses over me too much."
Abe blanched, and started to throw back the comforter to go to her, but thought better of it once he caught sight of Becky and Janie looking at him. Unlike Ariana, he hadn't dressed after making love the night before.
He exhaled in relief as he studied the growing smirk on his wife's face. She was the only one who could, quite literally, drop him to his knees with only a few words. He kept waiting for the spell she had him under to wear off, but with each day that passed, he had only grown more mesmerized by her charm.
Abe raised an eyebrow. "Come here, devil woman."
"Abe," Becky said, laughing. "There's no time—er… take all the time you need, Your Highness," she said quickly, when his mouth flattened into a thin line and his teal eyes locked on her, daring her to say one… more… word.
He would burn that damn clinic to the ground before he would allow anyone to take even one more minute with her away from him. She already worked too many hours as it was. It had started out being only five, but then had swiftly moved up to six, then seven. He had drawn a line at eight, but, more times than not, Ariana stayed at the clinic up to ten hours, even against his wishes and constant phone calls.
He tore his piercing eyes away from Becky and they softened as he met Ariana's smile.
She set the cup down and crawled up on the mattress and into his awaiting arms. She stared into his eyes as her fingers brushed back the hair hanging over his ears, reminding him it was time for a trim. That would take all of fifteen minutes, so what would he do with the other four-hundred-sixty-five minutes she would be out of his sight?
He had some ass-chewing to do, that's what, and he was going to do that first.
"I'll be back before you know it, Abe," she said sweetly, almost convincingly, but he knew better; she'd been telling him that every day since she’d started working, and it had never, ever been true.
Even though he knew arguing would get him absolutely nowhere, he still pleaded his case. "Stay here," he whispered. "Take the day off. I could use a little healing myself." He grinned devilishly.
The only answer he got was a small smile and a long kiss. Abe wrapped his arms around her and pulled her across his body, rolling with her until she was lying on her back and he was looking down at her beautiful face.
He knew she wouldn't concede to his wishes today, but that wouldn't stop him from trying. He had faith that one day she would.
"Sunset, Ariana. Please. I have something I want to show you."
She laughed. "I just bet you do."
He tucked a strand of blond hair behind her ear and softly kissed her lips. Lingering a breath away, he spoke so only she could hear. "It's sort of important and special. It's been in the works for several years, but it's almost complete now. I didn't want to mention it until Roger said you could see it. He sent me a text last night, but you were too exhausted after work, so I didn't say anything. I don't think I can keep from telling you what it is until your next day off, so please don't overwork yourself today, and try to get out of there by eight." He paused for a moment. "And eat light for supper; I'm taking you out afterward."
Ariana's eyes narrowed to thin slits, but there was amusement in them that she couldn't hide behind her fake anger. "You know how much I hate surprises."
Abe knew she could have searched his thoughts in one instant, so he quickly rifled through his memory for the lyrics of Mary Had A Little Lamb, just in case. Mindreading was one witchy trait that could be both a blessing and a curse, but thankfully Ariana tried not to use it too often. For that, he was grateful. It was bad enough that he couldn’t keep his hands off his wife for more than five minutes. Keeping his thoughts off her would be downright impossible.
He kissed her quick and moved away, so she could get up and ready for work. The quicker she left, the quicker he could let out his aggression on someone who couldn't paralyze his vocal chords. "You'll like this one. I promise it won't embarrass you."
"Can we come?" Janie asked, the petite girl nearly jumping up and down at hearing about something new and exciting on the island.
Abe chuckled. "Yeah, you can come. Bring someone, if you like," he said, knowing that Janie had been spending quite a bit of time lately with Ryan from maintenance, and would more than likely want to bring him along. It was killing Lance to see her with the guy, but since he had been the one who let her go, there wasn't a whole hell of a lot he could do about it but mope.
"Who else is going?" Becky asked with a sneer.
Abe shrugged nonchalantly, but he knew she was inquiring whether Will, his brother, was going to be there, and possibly be with Katrista, the girl who had flown to the island on the back of a minion from Hell under the orders of Apollyon, the demon who damn near took Ariana away from him in more than one way.
Just thinking about that night made him want to wrap Ariana in the tight cocoon of his arms and never let her out of his sight, but that had been almost three months ago, and they hadn't seen or heard from the guy since his descent back into Hell. Gloria, their personal guardian angel, was checking in on a regular basis, but she hadn't sensed any evil hanging around the island, either. It was still a struggle to relax, but Abe knew how Ariana hated to be smothered, so he forced his worry from his features, for her.
"I'm not sure, Becky, but if you think I'm going to tell my brother he can't go just because you'll be there, then you don't know me very well." He ignored the hurt look in her eyes and slapped Ariana's butt when she crawled over him to get out of bed. He chuckled when she yelped.
After hearing the shower come on, he looked back to the two girls standing in the middle of his bedroom. "Would the two of you mind leaving? I'm about to go shower with my wife, and Ariana threw my boxers across the room last night."
He smiled as the two girls immediately avoided eye contact, their faces turning a bright shade of pink in embarrassment at being in the same room with their naked king.
"Go on. Ariana will call you when she's ready to leave. I can't promise you'll be on time for work, so you may want to leave without her." He stopped and huffed when they only stood there with sullen expressions. "What? She isn't yours; she's mine. Go!"
Tripping over their feet, both girls turned and ran for the door.
With a smile on his face, Abe threw back the cover and jogged to the bathroom. He could only see the top of Ariana's wet head, leaned back into the steamy shower spray, eyes closed as she basked in the warmth of the water. He tiptoed around the tiled wall that separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom, and had her in his arms before she even opened her eyes.
Ariana smiled as he touched his lips to hers, and Abe noticed that he couldn't fit his body flush to hers any longer, not with his young growing so rapidly within her womb.
He ran one hand over the soft skin of her belly and pulled her mouth to his with his other by the nape of her neck. A low moan escaped her mouth and he drank in the ecstasy like a wino who had just found a forgotten bottle of eighty-year-old wine in the cellar.
She gasped for air when he released her mouth to devour her neck and that little spot below her ear she loved for him to kiss.
"Abe," she panted. "I'm going to be late for work."
An approving growl rumbled from his chest as her hands slid down to his hips. "Damn right, you are. I told Becky and Janie to go on without you, that you would be there when you damn well got there."
She laughed against his mouth when he claimed ownership once again. "You are such a king."
Lowering his head to explore more of what she had to offer him, he looked from one tempting mound to the other, and finally decided to take the left rosy nub between his lips and softly massage the other with his hand. Decisions, decisions. It was a tough job being a man in love. He often thought he needed at least one extra mouth. Wondering vaguely whether Ariana might be able to witch it on his body, somewhere, he focused on the task in hand.
Ariana's lips parted, and he smiled when a rush of pleasurable sounds echoed off the walls of the bathroom.
With his other hand free, he ran his long fingers over the cheek of her ass, down the back of her thigh and pulled her right knee up to his hip. He wasn't worried about her getting off balance and falling. He had her. He had all of her.
His head jerked up and he crushed his mouth on hers just as he slid through the soft folds of her sex and into his most favorite place to be.
His jaw clamped shut and his hand shot out to brace them against the shower wall when her muscles tightened around his erection.
"Yeeees!" The cry escaped her throat and her nails clawed the skin on his back, but he pumped into her, keeping a steady rhythm and watching her expression as the orgasm threatened to rip through her body. "Abe…" she said, winded, and grabbed his biceps, squeezing the thick muscles and making him grin, "I—I need…"
"I know, baby. Just let it go." He jerked his hand from the wall, pulling her other leg up, and just like a pro, she hooked her ankles at the small of his back and took all of him. His knees damn near buckled.
Aiming to get his own release by the time Ariana's climax was over, Abe growled and quickened his strides. Her body quaked all around him. He was almost there. He was there.
"Take my vein," Ariana whispered.
Pulling a bit back from the rush, he blinked the water out of his eyes and looked down at her in confusion. Sure enough, her head was tilted to the side and her wet hair was moved away, baring her neck and that throbbing vein to him. He jerked his head away, trying to ignore the instant bloodlust and the anger that was quickly boiling up inside him.
"No," he said shortly.
"Abe, please. You need it. I want you to."
He stopped moving inside her and set her feet on the wet tile. Grabbing a towel from the hook on the wall, he threw it around his waist, tying it extra tight, so just maybe it would cut off the circulation in his erection and deflate the damn thing.
"Abe! Where are you going?"
"Not now, Ariana." He threw open the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom, and wasn't a bit surprised to hear she had followed.
"What did I do? I don't understand why you're acting this way. Talk to me, damn you!" she shouted when he only stood at his closet and shoved hanger after hanger to the right. Hell, he wasn't even sure what he was looking for.
He stopped and let his arm fall, but didn't turn around. "You know how I feel about using you as a meeker while you're pregnant. We've had this discussion before, Ariana. Hell, we've even fought about it a few times, but you don't seem to understand or maybe you just don't care; I don't know—"
"You think that I don't care about my child?" she said, and Abe turned around, the muscles in his jaw doing the same workout they did every time their conversation led to him feeding from her. "How can you even say that?" she snapped. "If I felt, in any way, that you taking the amount of blood from me that you need would hurt the baby, I wouldn't ask you to do it." She pointed to her chest, and fury burned throughout Abe's bones. "I know it won't hurt the baby—"
"But I don't!" he roared, causing her to flinch. He shook his head and reached into the closet, grabbing a random shirt and a pair of jeans. When he looked back at her, he was a little calmer, but not much. "I don't know what is good or what is bad for the baby, Ariana, but I can't imagine taking anything from you that the baby needs could ever be a good thing. I won't do it."
He ripped the towel away, and to his delight, either the terrycloth or his pissy mood had done the job, because Mr. Happy wasn't so happy anymore. Without wasting time going to the dresser for boxers, he just shoved one leg at a time in the jeans then buttoned and zipped the fly. After throwing the shirt over his head and pushing his arms through the armholes, Abe finally made his way to the dresser to grab socks.
"Abe," Ariana whispered, but he didn't look at her. He couldn't look at her when he was this mad, especially when it was her that he was mad at. "Abe, look at me. I have to go to work, and I don't want to leave you upset." He still didn't say anything.
Abe put his socks on and located his boots by the bar. Tying the sons of bitches wasn't going to happen with his hands shaking so badly, so he just shoved his feet in, grabbed his keys from the bar and headed for the door.
"Abe! Where are you going? The sun is out!"
"Go to work, Ariana. I'll see you later."
He jerked open the door, then slammed it shut behind him.

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