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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's Have a CONTEST!!! Tweet to WIN, too!

Hello Readers!

October was a great month for my books, and to celebrate that, I thought I'd do a little contest this week. From now til the 18th of November. So, about ten days. Ends at 11:59 PM EST on the 18th.

Each person that comments in this post will be entered to win a copy of any of my titles. ONE winner will receive their choice of two books, and ONE will win all of them, and ONE will win the book of their choosing. So, THREE WINNERS and one GRAND PRIZE winner who will receive a $10 Amazon or B&N Gift Card. You MUST reply with your email so I can contact you, or be sure to check back on the 19th to see if you won.

And, for a final way to win? Tweet this post (I'll see it in my timeline) and let me know you tweeted it, for ONE of these books to each person that replies and lets me know their twitter ID and leaves an email for me to send their chosen book. Please let me know which book you'd like, and whether you'd like mobi or e-pub versions. Keep in mind, mine are pretty steamy. LINKED and THE STORM WITHIN are less erotic. I'd class them as 'steamy' only. ONCE FORBIDDEN & ONCE BITTEN are erotic romance, without a doubt. Keep that in mind when you choose your title.
LINKED, Prophecy Book One was the bestseller for me in October. It's a paranormal romance, and the least erotic of my series right now.

Lana Summers doesn't want anything to do with paranormal abilities. She's seen what it did to her mother before her death. Cole Thomas has his own talents, but can Lana accept his when she can't accept her own? Can Cole convince her to embrace her talents--and accept his--in time?

When Lana's house is invaded in the middle of the night by an intruder, Lana awakes to a warning in her dream to Run! The warning came from her dead mother.

As she flees to the streets via a window, she finds Cole Thomas. He offers to check her house, and decides she needs protection when his shapeshifter talents tell him that Lana's invader wasn't human.

The prophecy must be deciphered--but the one being that knows isn't talking.. Now, it's up to them to figure it out. The clock is running, and time is running out.

The Ancient Prophecy

When Two Become One
And One Becomes Two

This is Book One in the Prophecy series--however this is a stand-alone title. Book Two is due out in December.

ONCE FORBIDDEN is a vampire steamy romance. Very steamy, so not for the faint of heart!

When Sarah is disfigured by a fire saving the life of a child,
Devlin knows she has valor.

When he goes to her through shared dreams,
he knows he has to have her.

When she's stalked by Vampire Hunters,
he knows he'll do anything to save  her...

Even if it is Forbidden(The Hunted Book One - Book Two is below, and Book Three is due out mid-December)


Hailey has just broken up with "The Jerk" and is finding her way again as a newly single woman. While out with a friend in a bar, she wants to just go home and curl up with an episode of Stargate SG-1.

While waiting for a cab, she's offered a ride from an old classmate, Bennett Wilmont. He’s even a cop now. What could be safer?

Their chance at happiness is endangered when she realizes that Bennett is on the radar of Vampire Hunters—and they will do anything get to him.

Bennett has wanted her for years--since they were high school together. Now, ONCE BITTEN, he knows he wants her forever—but will the Vampire Hunters allow them their happiness, or will the danger drive them apart?

Hailey is done with men.
Bennett has other ideas.

Once Bitten is Book 2 of the HUNTED Series. Again, very steamy and not for the faint of heart when it comes to their romance. Book 3 is due out mid-December.

Hailey thinks he’s perfectly safe.
He’s not.

Bennett has wanted her for years.
Will she stay when the danger unfolds?

Finally, we have for those that like things less steamy, The Storm Within & Table For Two Anthology. This contains two stories. It's romantic suspense, not paranormal.


Kari Davis is on the run. Witness to a murder she's been framed for, she's got nowhere to go and no one to run to. When she is stranded in an Oklahoma blizzard, she discovers her guardian angel rescuer is more than she's bargained for. Is he her salvation or will Cade Williams lead the killer right to her?
Danger is coming...


Dylan decides to flirt with the pretty lady in the wine store. When he sees her reach for a bottle of wine, he reaches for it, too. A harmless flirt--maybe a dinner date. Neither knew what was waiting in the parking lot...


  1. Hi
    Amazon uk is only showing 2 of your books so can you get on to them so your English fans can buy some more?

    It's very frustrating not being able to get our hands on them!

  2. Sorry, forgot to leave my name; I'm Chenier on Amazon and you'll see a couple of my purchaser verified reviews of the two books I've bought so far.

  3. I just looked, and all of them are there....which couldn't you find? Please email me at hopewelshwrites at gmail com and let me know!


Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.