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Monday, March 21, 2016

Black as Obsidian (Karma's Witches Book 9)

It's hard to believe that this series has come so far in three years.

A few years ago, two authors and I decided to write a shared world...the world of Karma's Witches.

Elizabeth A Reeves, Lanie Jordan and I wrote the first three, and since then, Elizabeth and I have been doing one after the other. (Stay tuned--we will be welcoming a new author to the world soon!)

I uploaded book 9 in the series, Black as Obsidian a week or so ago. It's hard to believe there are already nine books in this world.

I've had a blast writing the series, despite the cliffhanger complaints :D  Since so many readers don't like cliffhangers, though, I will be including the first chapter of the next in the series if I do have a cliffhanger.

Our original tagline, if you remember the first three books, was "Three Sisters...One Shared Destiny". Of course, that was before we introduced three brothers to the mix!

Steele, Flint and Ian all demanded their own stories.

Elizabeth is writing Flint, and currently, I'm writing Steele and Obsidian (Ian)

Hard as Flint
Sharp as Steele
Karma Steele
Black as Obsidian

The series is going to continue, for those that have enjoyed it--with new characters--all sisters and/or brothers, of course!

Here's a short teaser from Black as Obsidian, available now for pre-order on Amazon.

Available here:


Chapter One


I couldn’t put those that I loved in danger. The problem, of course, is that I really didn’t have the first clue as to how to get my body back. My life back.

Giving up just wasn’t an option.  Those I loved were at too big of a risk. Hell, we all knew that Royal wasn’t going to stop with just taking my body. He wanted powers. As many as he could get his hands on. I had little doubt that he’d go after the poor woman I’d pulled into this mess, Summer Daize. I prayed that Steele could keep her safe.

If I was any judge on my brother, and I considered myself to be, I had little doubt that he’d keep a close eye on her. A blind man—or one on the astral plane—could tell that he had the hots for her.

Perhaps something good would come out of this—were they to get together.

I shook my head to clear it. I needed to keep my mind on the issues at hand—like how to get my damn body back.

Sensing Royal close is becoming easier. I feel him. He’s very, very close. I lingered about a block away from Steele’s house. So, that meant that Royal—my evil father, heaven help me—was that close to all those that I loved.

He would not get away with destroying even one more person. Not one. No more babies left motherless—not if I could help it. I was determined that I would get him if it was the last thing I ever did.

The problem now, though, is that if I can sense him this easily—it’s very probable that he can sense me too. At least if I’m close to him, that is.

I needed to get away from Karma. As far as I could get in this form. With no active powers, though, traveling might be a bit difficult.

When he’d taken my body, I’d simply floated for a while. I’d had no real sense of time.  But once I’d found my way back—somewhat—I was much more aware of what was going on around me.

Perhaps I could go to the truck stop near the freeway and travel unseen by the driver to get away from here. With any luck, Royal would leave the others alone if he could no longer sense me.

Decision made, I started walking. This was the only thing to do, I told myself. There were no other options. I had to plan—and I couldn’t do that here in Karma.

After a block, I felt him—Royal—and he was close. Too close. A sudden surge of rage filled me and I clenched my fists.

He was coming for me.

Let the best man win, I thought, just as the black swirling mass enveloped me.

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