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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

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Today on Thursday Thirteen

13 Writing To Publish Tips

1. First--you must be a reader to be a writer
2. Write something every day--even if it's a journal or a blog.
3. Revise what you write--usually more than once.
4. Find a critique group (no, not your best friend or your mom, sister, or neighbor)
5. Second round of edits.
6. Find Beta Readers -- These nice folks will pick apart your story for you.
7. Edit based on Beta Response
8. Now have it professionally edited/proofread
9. Design your cover--hire a professional and get opinions--format book
10. Find Reviewers -- Don't put it up without reviews - do soft-release
11. Promote your book/story/novella (after reviews are listed on Amazon & B&N)
12. NEVER comment on negative reviews
13. Start the next book!


  1. 3. more than a dozen times ideally before anyone else sees it. different crit groups will have different habits and cultures. if you run multiple books in parallel when you can stuck you can switch to the other and then when one is done, the end of project depression trough isn't as deep.

    1. Very good point, Pearl. I was trying for short and sweet--but it's imperative that a book is edited--and looked at by as many that read in your genre as possible.

  2. Yes on number 12 - every time I see an author do this, I cringe.

    Thanks for sharing!

    My TT:

  3. I'd take those negative review personally I'm sure.

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. Thanks, ladies! Checking yours, too! Please everyone, link to your blog so I can follow you :)

    On the reviews--I've seen some nasty comments--it is sometimes hard not to comment (not for mine, thank goodness)

    People forget a review is about the BOOK, not the authors life or Amazon shipping or...

    Oh and the worst review: "I don't read this genre but...."

    Don't you just want to say "Then why did you read it?"

  5. I love how the process can be shrunk down to 13 steps. It's as if "write a book" is just another thing on the list. "What did you do today?" "Oh, I crossed 'write a book' off my list."

    If only it was that easy, right?

  6. Reading and writing sound like twins. I'm always curious with a critique group, minus mom, dad, siblings or best friend :)



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