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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great YA Author

Hey All

I normally promote my stuff--contests and what-not.  This time, I want to promote a great YA author, Lanie Jordan. She has several awesome books out right now--as I beta-read for her, I can't review them....but man, can I ever recommend them!

First she has her Breed Chronicles series. She just released the second book last week.  An awesome reviewer, The Book Tart did an interview with a character skit..and it is just great. A reading from the book and a review. I'd kill for a review by her!  Here they are in this order: skit, review and reading.

The Breed Chronicles books one and two detail the new life of Jade Hall--a teen that has lost too much at the hands of demons. In Breed Of Innocence, book one, she is recruited to the CGE--a group that trains those selected to be demon hunters. Book two, Breed of Envy, focuses on her second year as a member of the GGE

You can find these awesome books at your favorite e-book retailer, but here are the Amazon Links:

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