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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tag, You're It! Let's Play the 7/7/7 Game...


I was tagged by Catherine Green to play.  It's pretty simple to do. You go to page 7, 77 or page 177 in your book or manuscript and post 7 lines from one of those pages...then you tag 7 other authors.

Kind of a neat idea. Thought I'd give it a go!

This is from my upcoming "DREAM LOVER" that I plan to have out by mid-March.

Her skin was electrified. Every touch of his hot mouth on her made her shudder. The not-quite-gentle nips of his teeth on her neck made her arch her neck. She had time to wonder how he could know exactly how and where to touch, to kiss, to give her the most pleasure. She moved her hands from his head to his strong shoulders, feeling the muscles move as his he caressed her. “Oh God, please,” she whimpered.
             David lifted his head, a knowing smile on his lips. “Tell me,” he ordered huskily. 

Now, I'm off to tag 7  authors...


  1. Wow that is hot! So much tension in such a brief snippet, I like it! Thanks for playing the game.

  2. It' was fun, Catherine. I've never heard of it before. Please let me know if you hear of more fun things like this!


Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.