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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Marketing and Seller Tips for Authors

Hi All an author, one of the things we have to do is promote our books.  We do this in a variety of ways.  I very recently discovered a new site for promotion, and as we all  know, it can be a frustrating battle to promote!  The site is Author Marketing Club (just click the link when you're done reading this post to visit their site.

It's a way for an author to promote their free days without spending cash--always a nice thing!

I have a variety of tips to help promote your book, though.

1. If you use KDP Select--USE those free days wisely!  There is no sense in using them all at once. Do a promo that is planned ahead of time. Then, talk about it. Don't plan it the day before. I suggest planning it weeks ahead of time, as many of the sites require several days to several weeks notice.  The above site has an awesome tool that lets you submit to several sites all from the same easy location. How cool is that? No need to search for a dozen sites--they list many right there--with links!

2. Make sure that your Amazon or other bookseller page is perfect. No typos. Spaces between paragraphs. Make this page as appealing as possible.  If your book page looks awful--they won't bother--even if the book is free!

3. Make your author bio interesting.

4. Make use of social media--no point in having Twitter and Facebook if you never open either one!

5. Don't just talk about your book!  Talk about other things. Talk about what your readers are talking about. ENGAGE. When you post on another authors blog--don't use it as free promo (It's tacky) --but there is nothing wrong with visiting other blogs and adding relevant comments. Your name will get around if you're visible.

6. Join and interact in reader groups--and writer groups.

7. Don't price your book so high that no one will buy it if you self-publish.  Most readers just won't pay $5.99 for an author they have never heard of--no matter how engaging the description is--unless you're a top seller already.

8. Don't ever comment to reviews in any negative manner--ever. It bears repeating--never!  I would suggest not commenting at ALL to reviews, though I have commented on occasion to answer a question or the like. 

9. Don't have reviews on your book by friends and family!  Readers can tell--any look at the Amazon boards will tell you that. Reviewers and readers hate fake reviews. It diminishes your credibility a lot.  Reviews will come!  Send your work out to any and all reviewers that accept your genre. ALWAYS follow their polices. Never send mass-emails to reviewers. They know and they don't like it.

10. Make sure your book is in the right category.  Amazon can make it difficult--but I've written an article on the matter that you can find here on Digital Book Today

11.  And that's another thing--to get your name out there--do submit articles and the like when and where appropriate!

12. Do author interviews, guest posts, and host giveaways.  I do them routinely at The Romance Reviews. I'll be participating in their Anniversary Party on the 26th--and it didn't cost me a thing.

So, there are my 12 tips for helping market and promote. It's more than just writing a good book~!



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