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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Romance Reviews Second Anniversary

Hey Friends!

The Romance Reviews is having their second anniversary party -- and it lasts an entire month!  Win prizes and books from over 400 authors--including me.

There is a daily game you can play as well, so be sure to join the site if you're not already a member. Check out authors you already know and perhaps some you don't!

Look for my day in the games on March 23rd-- and be sure to enter the give-aways on their site as well...I'm giving away additional books via their contests!

I look forward to hearing from my friends and my readers. Without readers, we would not be authors--we'd simply write for our own pleasure. It's you, the reader who buys and reads our work--that make us--and we all appreciate you--hence, our happiness at sponsoring events like these that are geared toward you readers.

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