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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

HI Everyone

A New Year is almost upon us.  What are your New Year's Resolutions?


I'm going to get 4 books written this year! 

I have two started for my other pen name.  I also have two started  for my paranormal series.  I have one shapeshifter story called "Linked" that will be up this week on Smashwords and on Amazon.  It's a full-length paranormal with a prophecy...evil....well, you get the picture.  The hero and heroine have to prevent The Evil One from taking over....if they can decipher the prophecy. 

Amazon has finally gotten all my things linked so readers can find them.  I'm happy to report that my December sales have topped every other month.

My title, Forbidden & Once Bitten will be coming out in print very soon!  I'm very excited.  It's a vampire story if you haven't read it. Check it out on Amazon. It's also available at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.  Everyone likes a little vampire with their erotic story, right?

I'm excited for the New Year.  The authors I've been corresponding with are doing very well with their books on Amazon--and mine are finally going as well.

Look for Linked this week!  You can read "Forbidden & Once Bitten" and "The Storm Within" currently.  I'm going to put The Storm Within up on Smashwords as well tonight. 

Hope you are all enjoying your New Year's Eve.  I'm wathing Dick Clark. I've watched him do this special on TV for more years than I'd like to admit to. 

New Kids On The Block are singing....I didn't even know they were still a group!  And Backstreet Boys!  Wow---I'm old--I thought they were long gone. 

I'm so glad I'm not in NY, though.  I'm in Florida, and it's been really warm the last couple of days. I think we hit 79 today!  Everyone outside is shooting off guns though :( 

So, instead of going downtown and watching the ball drop--I'm sitting here blogging, LOL

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