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Monday, January 10, 2011

On Writing


I'm sitting here on blogspot instead of writing. 

Why, you ask?

Very good question. I write under another name.  It's more erotic (very adult fiction) and I want to keep the two types of books separate.  Makes sense, no?

Well, that's all well and good, but I'm promoting Hope Welsh books everywhere.  Amazon. GoodReads, Twitter, Kindle, etc.  They're selling a little. 

Why are my OTHER books--that I am doing little to no promotion on selling at least three times as well?  I don't get it.  3-1 at least. 

I won't be the next HP Mallory, Amanda Hocking, Imogen Rose or Joe Konrath with my books. (But I can dream!) But I just don't understand what I'm missing in trying to promote. 

Sigh. Something is missing I'm just not sure what.


  1. Hi, Hope! Well, my guess is that erotica is *always* going to sell. Just keep plugging away with the books under your name, and they'll gain their audience. Just a thought...have you contacted book review bloggers? Often I hear that gives a boost to someone looking to find the right readers, but I'm speaking vicariously as I haven't gotten to that point myself yet, lol...

  2. HI Cricket

    Yes, my book is with a few reviewers patiently waiting. I think it's a combination of luck--perseverance--and who you know!

  3. Indeed..just tryin' to brainstorm for ya :) Unfortunately, time is the most frustrating part of all that...sending good thoughts! :)


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