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Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with me on The Kindle Romance Author Site


I did an interview today on Kindle Romance Authors. It was fun to answer questions about my work.

Wow, did I pick a bad day to sleep in, hmm?

In honor of the interview, I'm having just a little contest to run with the interview. Answer the following questions to be entered in a contest to win a $20.00 gift card for Amazon - open til 3/30. Winner will be drawn 4/1. Be sure to check back to see if you won. The winner of the $20 gift card must have the maximum points. This grand prize winner will also win copies of all three of my titles. This winner will have the choice of a PRINT copy of LINKED or an e-book copy. (Print title to arrive by end of April)

But there is more to win...just in case you miss one or two...

All correct answers will be entered by number to and one winner will win a signed e-book version of LINKED and my other two titles, Forbidden & Once Bitten, and The Storm Within.

There is a new technology out there that lets authors sign their books and personalize them. I will be happy to do that if you'd like a signed book.

A second winner will receive TWO signed e-books of mine of their choice.

A third winner will receive any ONE signed copy of my titles, their choice.

Ready? Ok, here we go.

1. What book did I promote on the site?

2. What paranormal abilities did I want?

3. Who is my ideal reader? (The one that will like my work)

4. Who has been my biggest supporter?

5. Who did the cover for LINKED?

Now, for 3 extra points,be sure to follow my blog, follow me on Twitter, and 'like' my Facebook page. Links to all are on the side.

Bonus Question for 5 extra entries...

In my book LINKED, there is one character that is not active much in the story--but is absolutely paramount in solving the ancient prophecy. Who is she?

So, it's possible to get 13 points in this contest. All entries with correct answers will be entered. Number of points each earns will correspond with the number of correct answers.

If you've read my books, please be kind and leave a review on Amazon. Pass along books that you enjoy by letting readers know what you liked.

Thanks to KINDLE ROMANCE AUTHORS for having me

BONUS: You have to have read this far to know this: Tweet me with the phrase "@hopewelsh I want to win free books" You can earn 5 extra points!


  1. You promoted Linked, you want clairvoyance, you like readers who look for escapism and want a HEA and your daughter is your biggest supporter and designed your cover. Sorry, haven't taken the FB plunge yet and not a tweeter (-:


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