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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pay It Forward -- The Romance Reviews

Hello Readers!

I'm an avid believer of the "Pay It Forward" philosophy. If you saw the movie, Haley Joel plays a boy that has to do a project in school. He chooses to pay forward nice things done.

To 'pay it forward' when someone does something nice for you--you in turn do something nice for someone ELSE. Not just the original person that was nice.

When I sent my book to The Romance Reviews to be reviewed, I actually had two of their reviewers choose to review my book, Linked. I got 4/5 stars. Now, if you're not familiar with this review site, let me just say--they are awesome.

Not only are they wonderful with their reviews, but they are also great to their authors. I can't recommend the site enough if you're an author or a reader. The reviews are unbiased and honest.

Next month, they will be one year old

For their anniversary, they are doing a huge give-away. I'm sending 5 of my books for it--and hundreds of other prizes will be available, too. Don't miss out on the party! Be sure to check out their contest page while you're there. I'm giving away books there, too.

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